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AI powered platform to locate stray livestock and market agricultural produce


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An SMS and USSD based platform which provides farmers with a simple and affordable way to safe guard, locate and market their livestock and agricultural produce, within Botswana.

Revolutionizing the Agricultural sector, a core contributor to people’s livelihood in Botswana.

  • Vision

    We strives to empower farmers by connecting them to relevant information they need to boost their agricultural productivity and earn better income.

  • Mission

    Our is to empower farmers, boost their agricultural productivity and improve livelihoods.


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Farmconnecta unleashes the power of mobile phones in the hands of farmers by transforming the mobile phone into a productivity tool.

Matimela Search

Enable farmers to find their lost cattle (matimela) by searching their brand identity through matimela database.

Matimela Notifications

Notifies individual farmers registered with the system if their cattle are impounded.

Mpatlise Tracker

Enable farmers to communicate with each other, to locate lost cattle not yet captured in the Matimela database

Community Driven Marketplace

Position farmers in direct contact with local markets for their agricultural produce.


During ploughing seasons farmers are able to connect with registered tractor agents through Traconet with ease


Farmers in the same locally have the ability through Piconet to share transport to deliver their agricultural produce to the local market.


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